Fuels, Lubricants & Additives

Let nothing go to waste... From biodiesel and automotive additives to cooking oil, nutraceuticals and animal feed, our goal is to turn every part of our crop into something clean, renewable and beneficial to humanity.

Our sights are set on becoming one of Canada’s top specialty oil seed and protein processors—and one of the only companies with exceptional expertise in both.

We know petroleum isn’t going to meet the exponential growth in global energy needs.  Thats why there has never been greater need or desire for a sustainable crop that can be used for clean and renewable energy.

Specialty oil seeds are healthful, versatile and fast-growing crops that are used in an ever-increasing number of sustainable products.

A Competitive Difference

Our proprietary oil extraction process is tried and true, and consistenly ensures superior, high-quality oils, while allowing full control of the process from start to finish. Additionally, this will allow us to use all of the resource. Nothing will be wasted as oil is extracted and byproducts, otherwise destined for a landfill, are converted to animal feed additives.In the future we will further enhance the value we add to these primary and secondary agriculture products through improved protein extraction processes. The global market for vegetable based protein is masive and set to explode.

Biodiesel, Automotive Lubricants, Diesel Fuel Conditioner

Quality multifunctional diesel fuel additives reduce many of the problems encountered with biodiesel blends, such as fuel system corrosion, water separation and increased fuel foaming. Fuel additives are not only used in automotive but also marine and aviation transportation.

Additives can reduce the injector deposit levels generated when biofuel blends are used. Specialized flow improvers are also available to address the challenging low-temperature operability profile of many biodiesel fuels, while specific antioxidants can help to stabilize the fuel against the degradation that may lead to fuel system deposits and corrosion.