A full line of essential oils and natural health supplements

Clean Power Concepts was founded with the goal to produce the finest and most eco-friendly oils for consumption and use. Spirit of Health is our wholesale- and consumer-facing brand that is developing a full suite of extremely beneficial essential oils with high integrity and natural health supplements, including:

Organic Hemp Seed Oil
Cold pressed, available in bottles or capsules
Virgin Camelina Oil
Cold pressed salad oil. Also available in capsules for skin and scar treatment
Organic Flax Seed Oil
Available bottled or in capsules (requires immediate refrigeration)
Canola Oil
Cold pressed gourmet oil, non GMO. Available in bottles or capsules
Organic Flax Meal
Available in capsules or bulk
Canola Meal
Available in capsules, pellets, or bulk organic
Camelina Meal
Available in capsules, pellets, or bulk
Hemp Meal
Available in capsules or bulk organic

Many more custom applications available upon request


Clean and healthy living through renewable and natural supplements Hemp is one of the most versatile, nutrient-rich and sustainable plants in the world. We will use the same proprietary and fully on site oil extraction process as our canola seed. This enables us to give our customers a superior quality, high value product and also a high rate of return for our investors.

Renowned for its subtle and nutty flavor, hemp oil can be used in every meal. It’s quickly replacing olive and other cooking oils in the home kitchen, and becoming the ingredient of choice for clean eating, high protein and high energy meals and


After the seed has been harvested, the rest of the plant doesn’t go to waste either. We'll use our hemp is for ground meal on farms, and the fibers are used for paper, cotton, and many other products.

Superior Nutritional Benefits
Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids
Trans-fat free
Cholesterol free
Rich in vitamins B and E
Gluten, lactose, and nut allergen free