• A full line of essential oils and natural health supplements

    Healthful. Sustainable. Versatile. Spirit of Health specializes in hemp and other natural oil supplements that make clean living easy. Our exclusive oil extraction process results in unmatched purity and quality.

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  • An Above-ground Oil Well

    Clean fuel alternatives for a modern world. Canola is a cornerstone for the alternative fuel industry. We turn canola seed into sustainable and renewable products designed to meet the exponentially growing global demand for energy.

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A business built on health and sustainability

At Clean Power Concepts, we are committed to top-quality products from renewable resources. For us, that means the future harvesting and processing of sustainable crops that are game changers.

We started with canola seed, building a model plant employing our proprietary oil extraction process, and began production of a superior biodiesel product. With solid results and strong proof-of-concept, we expanded our oil extraction method to another innovative crop — hemp.

Now, we will soon be producing clean, renewable and sustainable oils for both the clean energy and bio-nutraceutical oil industries. As a company, our goal is to be on the forefront of these eco friendly, sustainable and rapidly rising and fast growing industries, leading the way with top-quality, maximum-value, high-return products.