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Business Case

There are now several renewable energy options for specific applications that can compete in the marketplace, including hot water, refrigerators, pools and home heating from solar collectors, wind, biomass and other technologies. While the demand for these renewable energy products increased more than 32% last year alone, there is little in the way of easy availability of products and information for consumers. Home and business owners want to know how they can adopt new “green” energy products that are economical and better for the environment, into their daily lives.

In response to this demand, Clean Power has developed a retail/wholesale concept to give consumers everywhere the products and information necessary to make informed decisions on energy source purchases.  The Company has sourced the best in class products and will feature them in its stores and on its website. In addition, the Company has developed to its own products that it will provide to consumers.

In addition to renewable energy products, Clean Power will offer informational CD’s and videos to show consumers how to install or why to install these products. These media content (Videos, CD’s, and Books) can be sold in stores and on the website and through other stores and retail partnerships.  Clean Power will become the source of choice for products and information in the growing renewable energy market.

The analysis of the energy markets including the particular sectors of solar, wind and wood power, display an active and growing adoption and integration into the economy.