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Clean Power Concepts Acquires Rights to Significant Technology Production Patent

Regina, Saskatchewan – (PR NEWSWIRE) – December 17 , 2010 – Clean Power Concepts Inc. (‘Clean Power’ or, the ‘Company’) Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board: CPOW, whose subsidiary, General Bio Energy Inc. (‘General Bio’) is an emerging producer in the bio-fuels, renewable energy and eco-friendly biodiesel products industry, announced today it has acquired rights to significant Licensed Technology patents for use at its production facility.

The technology which is named “Protein and Lipid Sources for Use in Aquafeeds and Animal Feeds, and a Process for their Preparation”, is exclusive technology developed as a result of scientific research conducted by the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans. The technology is covered by two patents: Canadian Patent No 2,408,551 dated September 25, 2007, which expires May 8, 2021; and United States Patent No. 6,995,831 dated October 18, 2005 which expires February 19, 2022.

Under its agreement with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the Company has been granted a licence to commercialize the inventions throughout the world based on the provision that the Company shall have a limited exclusive license for commercial exploitation to make and have made Licensed Products in Canada; and non-exclusive license for commercial exploitation to make, use and sell Licensed Products worldwide. The agreement also provides the right for the Company to sub-license the technology rights to other parties.

This patent license is another important component in the company’s focus on development of proteins, states Mike Shenher, President and CEO. “The world is consuming more protein, particularly in countries like India and China, and this has created a 100 billion dollar market that we seek to supply. Overall, the patent rights provide us with three advantages. First the use of the technology for production of products for sale within Canada. Second the use for production of products in other countries. And third the possibility of sub-licensing the technology for use by other producers or potential partners.”

About Clean Power Concepts Inc.
Clean Power Concepts Inc. was incorporated in Nevada on October 17, 2005 and trades on the OTC-BB under the symbol CPOW. To implement expansion of our business in the environmentally friendly green energy industry we acquired 95.1% of General Bio Energy Inc. based on a share exchange concluded on April 29, 2010. General Bio was incorporated in Saskatchewan, Canada on February 14, 2006 and operates a fully integrated commercial oilseed crushing, bio-diesel refinery, and environmental lubricants manufacturing and bottling, and nutraceutical and food processing plant in Regina, Saskatchewan. The current plant has a crush capacity of 19.7 million liters of crushed oil annually. Its biodiesel fuel processor can produce up to 20 million liters of biofuel and biofuel additives and the crushing system can produce nearly 32.8 thousand metric tonnes of meal and protein related products for agricultural and aquaculture feedstock annually. The plant is capable of specialty and toll crushing a wide variety of oil seeds. General Bio’s primary brand is: ‘MOPO Environmental Lubricants’ and other key trade names include: ‘General Bio Health’ and ‘Spirit of Health’, under which General Bio manufactures, distributes, and retails essential oils, camelina, canola, flax, and hemp, in various formats including capsules, gourmet cooking oils, and skin care formulations.


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Differentiating Features

Clean Power Concepts' solution is one of the first to aggregate advanced renewable energy products and bundle them with services and media to assist in consumer acceptance and adoption.